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The sweet, Romantic style whispers to our feminine yet elegant side with its delicate flowers and beautiful vintage-inspired decors. Our wide array of lovely hand-painted floral designs in soft, warm hues is perfect for creating this timeless style.

A Romantic Retreat

Create your own romantic sanctuary from the bustling, sometimes stressful, everyday life. Floral patterns are the core element of the Romantic style. Our floral wallpapers are skilfully hand-painted and a delightful way to incorporate flowers into your home, creating an embracing and inviting atmosphere. Choose soft, warmer color schemes in muted tones and pastels like blush pink, soft yellows, and creams.

"Grace reveals itself in the details, just as a bloom unfolds."

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Curated Details

Vintage furniture with graceful curves, like chaise longues, wingback chairs, or four-poster beds, are prominent in this style, softening the overall feeling and adding a touch of charm. For the final touch, include your favorite inherited items, such as antique vases, mirrors, or chandeliers. Use luxurious fabrics such as lace or satin to enhance the overall feeling of comfort.

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Abundant with Love

The collection, Huset i solen, is a tribute to the famous Swedish artist couple Carl and Karin Larsson, their lifestyle, and home. Each pattern tells a story, and the color scheme brings to life a vision of a life-affirming, loving Swedish home. 

If you look closely at the beautiful patterns, you will discover little love messages in the form of hearts.

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Start dreaming today of how you can add beauty to your everyday by dressing your home in warm and inviting romantic wallpapers.

"Add Beauty to Your Home"

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