Interior Professional Trade Program

Architects, Designers, Stylists, Decorators, Carpenters, Real Estate Developers, Construction Companies, Painting Contractors

We are so happy that you are interested in joining our wallpaper family. Our trade program includes a joint tailored concept for Sandberg Wallpaper and Rebel Walls. You can rest assured knowing that you can meet any client’s needs through our wide selection of Swedish wallpaper art. We got a dedicated team available to assist you through the buying process. We look forward to assisting you with custom requests, invoices, and shipping instructions.

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Enjoy perks such as:

- Discounts
- Free samples 
- Sneak peek of new collections
- Time with our Project Service Studio
- Express delivery 
- Video meeting with customer service
- Reach – We will share selected images from interior designers in our newsletters and social media


- Premium non-woven wallcoverings 
- 100% non-toxic product chain – VOC-free 
- FSC-certified paper 
- Free from PVC, solvents, and plasticizers 
- Lightfast, washable, and sustainable 
- Design services available 
- Paste the wall technique

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Sample folder for upcoming projects

Our handy sample folder includes 50 samples, including all of our bestsellers. These samples are designed to make it easy for interior designers to showcase to their clients. With a swift scan of the QR code, the entire pattern comes to life on your phone.

  • Includes 50 of our top designs

  • Designed for interior designers to showcase to clients

  • QR code scan brings patterns to life on the phone

  • Easily slot in new samples

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