A holistic philosophy Sustainability

Sandberg Wallpaper was founded in Ulricehamn, Sweden, in 1976 by the Sandberg family. Their wallpaper legacy was later passed over in 2012 to Irene & Christofer Gimmersta, who, with great care and respect for the past, the present, and the future, continued to develop the Sandberg heritage. Sustainability, long-term commitment, and traditions have never been as fundamentally important as today, concepts that have been a part of Sandberg's DNA since its inception. Permanency and quality over time are crucial for sustainable living.

Sustainability is a holistic concept where everything is connected. Mankind, society, and nature are closely intertwined, like in symbiosis. To be able to care for our planet, we must also care for our fellow human beings and our community. 


Our starting-point

Nature is always present in our wallpapers. Inspiration for both colors and designs often comes from the Swedish landscape and the environment surrounding us. Nature is a central part of our well-being and the very foundation for mankind's existence. A crucial building block in our vision and passion to, through wallpapers, create places to long for. Therefore it's only evident that our care for nature characterizes everything we do.

"Nature is an endless source of inspiration and the lungs of our planet."

Swedish Wallpaper Art

Sustainable design

Good design is always sustainable. Our love for arts and crafts is present in every brushstroke made to create beautiful, sustainable wallpaper art. We create timeless, classical wallpapers of the very highest quality to be loved beyond generations. Our collections have a lasting expression, and the assortment is carefully selected to dress the entire home. Times for short-term throwaway mentality are over. Today nature and society are in focus.

"Our passion for the wallpaper craftsmanship was celebrated when we became a supplier of the Swedish Royal Court, a title ensuring Swedish quality and design of the highest rank."

The home

Our place on earth

The home is essential for our welfare. A sanctuary for rest and inspiration. Today we want our homes to be sustainable and harmonize with our society's and planet's needs. 

Wallpapers are durable goods. A lasting investment. We make sure to act sustainably from the very first brushstroke until our wallpaper art dresses your home. Our wallpapers are free from toxins, heavy metals, and environmentally harmful and allergenic substances. Choosing a wallpaper from Sandberg gives you a sustainable piece of wallpaper art of premium quality. 

Caring for each other is a prerequisite for caring for our planet. We are a family-owned business and see our co-workers as our extended family. The office should be a place to long for. A place where individuals, wallpapers, and ideas take form and develop. We care for our local and global surroundings by actively and on a  long-term basis supporting charity organizations. We have supported, among others,  Habitat for Humanity since 2012, helping people worldwide to build or improve their homes. Helping them create their own places to long for.

Hand in Hand

Bloom, Buzz & Business

We cherish our local and global family and actively support carefully selected charity organizations as a long-term commitment.

A beautiful project lying close to our heart and mission is Bloom, Buzz & Business, empowering women through entrepreneurship. Organized by Hand in Hand Sweden.

Bloom, Buzz & Business is an inspiring project combining sunflower cultivation and honey production in Kenya to empower women and support ecological and economic sustainability. The aim is to make small-scale agricultural entrepreneurs, primarily women, more sustainable, profitable, and resilient while strengthening biodiversity. To make them blossom.

Besides a yearly donation, we are also donating 50% of the revenues from our hand-painted wallpaper Sunflowers, Yellow, this year.

Read more about our work with Hand in Hand.

Woven from nature, returned to nature


Our wallpapers find their initial inspiration and physical form in the beauty of the natural world. Grateful for its bounty, we are genuinely committed to responsible production practices. We are deeply proud of our long-term collaboration with Plantmore.com, benefiting local communities and the planet. With the help of Plantmore, we ensure that every tree used in our wallpaper production is replaced by a newly planted one.

Through strategic climate investments, Plantmore focuses on reforestation efforts within Europe, ensuring a direct impact on our environment. Plantmore enables people and businesses to come together with landowners and farmers to support work to improve biological diversity and sustainability.

Read more about our inspirational work with Plantmore.

The wallpaper craftsmanship


Our long tradition of creating Swedish wallpaper art has taught us how to produce sustainable wallpapers of premium quality. We work closely with our carefully selected suppliers and review them and their certifications annually, making it possible for us to guarantee a production free from harmful ingredients and a premium output.


We produce our wallpapers with the highest degree of consideration for the environment. We only use FSC-certified material, and our printing inks and pigments are carefully selected to be non-toxic and harmless. Our wallpapers are free from heavy metals, detergents, plasticizers, and PVC. All of our waste is recycled.


We have developed a transport strategy aiming to minimize the number of transports. We only work with suppliers with leading approaches to sustainability. We include communication with our customers in our work, encouraging them to make responsible transport choices.