Tone-on-tone decor


Layering a hue in different textures and materials creates a collected, compelling interior, with wallpapers as the core element for connecting interrelated rooms. A home decorated tone-on-tone gives a sense of timeless elegance, evoking a modern, elevated feeling.

Tone-On-Tone Interiors

Textures, silhouettes, and materials can be emphasized in monochrome interiors to create a beautifully harmonious home. Use different shades of your favorite hue throughout your home. A single color offers a wide array of possibilities. For example, use lighter variations for walls, creating a sense of spaciousness. Introduce darker tones on furniture to anchor the space. Layer mid-tones through throws, cushions, and artwork for visual depth. Use accent colors or interesting interior design details, such as a sculptural vase or furniture, to add another dimension to the decor.

"Don't shy away from patterns and textures; they're essential for creating visual interest."

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Mix and Match Wallpapers

If you have a favorite color, tone-on-tone is a great way to mix and match your wallpaper. There are so many lovely options for mixing and matching our wallpapers. All patterns are designed to complement each other and are therefore able to dress an entire home.

Tone-on-tone interiors give a peaceful impression without compromising on patterns and motives. Combine large expressive wallpapers with smaller patterns in the same hue in the next room to create harmony and weave a unifying thread throughout your home. For example, large floral designs work beautifully with smaller miniature patterns.

"Create a collected, elegant interior in which premium tone-on-tone wallpapers are the core element."

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Perfectly Worked Surfaces

The collection Essentials consists of perfectly worked surfaces designed to complement and enhance our assortment. Each wallpaper has been carefully crafted with attention to detail, shape, and color. What's extra special about these designs is that they are detailed and vivid up close but experienced as tranquil and almost plain-colored at a distance, making neighboring rooms feel related and in tune.

"The extra time we spend adjusting the smallest detail creates the perfect balance of shape and color."

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"We design hand-painted wallpapers to love for generations, carefully selected to dress your entire home."

Start dreaming today of a lovely, refined home dressed in premium tone-on-tone wallpapers.

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