White Wallpaper

Bring new light and life into your home with our luxurious and minimalist white wallpaper. White wallpaper brightens up any room, bringing a modern, inviting, and classy look to your home. It is a perfect background to emphasize and add depth to a room.

Brighten Up Your Room

Edvin Antique White is a delicate patterned wallpaper. Its symmetrical rhombus shaped pattern is easy on the eyes and matches any room decor. This pattern has historically been extremely popular in both fashion and home styling.

A wallpaper that we believe is especially captivating is Simon’s Äng White. This beautiful wallpaper is inspired by the fresh flowers of Simon Jonegårds meadow in Southern Sweden.

Vinterskog Grey is inspired by winter in Scandinavia. This mystic forest wallpaper brings a cool and tranquil visual. It teleports you into the heart of Sweden and inspires you with creativity and productivity.

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Create a Modern Minimalist Space with White Wallpaper for Walls

Shop our white wallpaper collections at Sandberg Wallpaper. White wallpaper brightens up any room and can be used as a background to add depth. Improve and update your home with a beautifully designed modern wallpaper from Sandberg.

Welcome Family and Friends into Your Home

Browse our collection of white wallpaper with colorful backgrounds and designs. These patterns are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and beyond. White wallpaper helps you modernize your home while keeping a classy and refined finish. Find exclusive patterns from striped wallpaper to checkered wallpaper.

Minimalist wallpapers are extremely trendy and popular. They bring an eye-catching beauty and delicate touch to any home project. Our white wallpapers emphasize simplicity and beauty. These designs emphasize the negative and white spaces in our wallpaper. This allows the eye to wander and pick up on nuances both on our wallpaper and in your room.

Our Raphaël collection of wallpapers has been time and time again one of our highest selling wallpaper designs. The simple design in white blends perfectly together to match any paint color or any woodwork present in your room. It brings you into a beautiful, lush landscape with elements reminiscent of winter. This design will fit perfectly anywhere in your home. From the living room to the powder room, Raphaël White is a great option.

What Paint Colors Go Well with White Wallpaper?

We find that white wallpaper leaves an open canvas that has endless possibilities. Colors such as black provide strong contrast for a bold and defined look. On the other hand, colors such as navy blue or natural green are more subtle and blend in well.

A good idea is to apply our wallpaper to an accent wall. Not only will this give a contemporary appearance, but it can also emphasize other areas in a room. Adding this into a dining room, for example, gives the guest a pleasant and inviting feel and aesthetic. It also makes for the perfect entertaining space.

With this, wallpapering a room compared to repainting can be a much simpler process. You can achieve a professional result on your own while wallpapering. The sky's the limit for creative ideas when it comes to wallpapering your home.

Another idea is to combine two different patterns of wallpaper. For example, in a hallway with molding that splits the wall in half, you can have a different pattern on either side. This look is very trendy and popular amongst interior designers and influencers alike.

Complementary patterns and colors, varying styles and textures, and other wall or room decor can dramatically change the impression of any room. Adding wall decors, such as paintings, photographs, or even light fixtures can give a renewed feel to make your house feel like a home. Our white wallpapers are a perfect background to start with.

Whether you enjoy a subtle background that is calming and can emphasize other wall decors, or you want a bold design to captivate the minds of friends and family, look no further than Sandberg Wallpaper. We have designs that range from utmost simplicity to designs that are intricate and can be looked at for several hours.