In touch with nature


The Botanical style is a loved classic, cherished by many beyond generations. At Sandberg Wallpaper, we often turn to nature for inspiration. Its raw, lingering beauty is truly unmatched. The botanical interior design finds inspiration in nature, recreating its wonders. A strong connection to nature increases our well-being and creates comfort and a tranquil atmosphere.

This style is undoubtedly very much defined by the lovely color green and lush or airy greenery. Nature materials, light wood, and textiles such as linen go very well with this style. This style isn't restricted by architecture and fits just as well in a contemporary apartment as a turn-of-the-century residence.

"I love to combine the old with the new. It has to be cozy, harmonic, and easy to clean. I want sustainable wallpaper that I won't get tired of.”


Wallpaper inspiration

Green wallpapers are a loved classic. The most appreciated designs within this style are delicate flowing patterns picturing leaves or forests. The color range goes from all shades of green to earthy tones of beige or terracotta, complemented by muffled blues or browns. 

Style characteristics: Green and earthy colors, plants and flowers, natural materials.

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Wallpaper matches for your home

Some of our most cherished designs and pattern combinations within this style.