Product Information

Application Instructions

  • Check that the rolls conform to your order, that none of the rolls are damaged, and that all of them have the same production number.

  • Choose a wallpaper paste suitable for non-woven. We recommend wallpaper paste from Sandberg Wallpaper.

  • The surface, glue and wallpaper should be at normal room temperature (about 18 ̊C).

  • The surface should be dry, clean and free from dust and old pieces of wallpaper. Shiny area should be sand-papered. Painted surfaces should be washed with soda and thoroughly rinsed. Highly absorbent surfaces should be pre-pasted or primed. Priming should be done where there are surfaces with large differences in color, such as spackled seams on dark surfaces.

  • For best results when hanging dark-coloured wallpaper, the walls should be coated with primer that contains the same colour nuance as the wallpaper.

  • Hanging non-woven wallpaper should be done, as follows: roll on the paste directly on to the wall, and then hang the wallpaper lengths on the wall. You can also use a pasting machine, but in that case, hang every length immediately. Normally, wall pasting produces the best results, and reveals hidden blisters, which much be removed. Any blisters must be worked out with appropriate wallpaper tools.

  • The lengths should be placed edge to edge. Use a wallpaper brush, and smooth the lengths from the middle out to the sides. If, despite precautions, paste has come out on the front of the wallpaper, remove it immediately with clean water and a clean rag. When doing so, make sure to clean and dry the entire length.

  • After hanging two or three lengths, check the results for any differences in colour or other defects.

  • Gaps in the seams, raised edges, or blisters are not due defects in the wallpaper, but are rather caused by the underlying surface, amount of paste and the hanging itself.

  • When cleaning wallpaper, use a clean sponge and lukewarm water.

  • Never close a newly wallpapered room. Instead, air out the room, and keep it at normal room temperature.

  • If you have any questions about the material or its application, contact our customer service.

Wallpaper Symbols

Good lightfastness means that your wallpaper won’t be easily sun-bleached. All wallpaper will fade over time but this symbol ensures you that your wallpaper will withstand direct sunlight for many years.

All our wallpapers are washable. This means that you can wipe them down gently with a damp cloth. Make sure you wring the cloth of excess water. Wiping down your wallpaper is essential when wallpapering to remove residue glue. Don’t scrub the paper as this will rub off the color.

All our wallpapers are paste-the-wall, also known as non-woven. This symbol tells you to paste your adhesive onto the wall when putting up your wallpaper. You will find this symbol printed on your roll.

We recommend that you choose an adhesive that is suitable for non-woven wallpaper. This symbol indicates that the adhesive is suitable for non-woven wallpapers. For best results, use the adhesive at room temperature.

If you see this symbol on your roll it means that you match your pattern straight. This is a common match for wallpapers and nearly always the case for checkered patterns.

This symbol indicates that your wallpaper has an offset match also known as a drop match. This means that the pattern will feature in diagonal lines. When wallpapering with a drop match you need to match up your pattern according to the number of cms specified on the pattern repeat.

This is the symbol for a free match. Wallpapers with this symbol can be matched freely or have no match at all. This is nearly always the case for plain wallpapers.