Joyous and timeless


This style has its roots in the arts. Creative, vibrant, and colorful, bringing joy and creativity to any home. One of our most beloved and classic interior design styles.

Bright, vibrant colors and winding botanical or graphic patterns are the centerpieces of this interior design style. Playful yet stylish, this design lets you combine your favorite vintage pieces with modern designer accessories. Perfect for those who dare to mix and match beautiful artistic wallpapers with smaller, more neutral patterns. 

The Colorful interior design style is lovely in all homes. The playfulness and openness to mix and match patterns, colors, and design styles make it suitable for all houses and architecture.

"With its bright and playful colors, subtle botanical and graphic pattern, the Huset i solen collection creates an uplifting atmosphere in my home. The wallpaper feels modern and vintage at the same time."


Wallpaper inspiration

Our collection, Huset i solen, gives us many lovely wallpaper options for completing this style. The collection is a tribute to the famous Swedish artists Carl and Karin Larsson, their art, lifestyle, and home. A great source of inspiration for colorful and artistic wallpapers, with floral, botanical, striped, and smaller, more neutral designs.

Style characteristics: Bright, playful colors, lingering botanical or graphic patterns, modern accessories combined with vintage favorites.

Style ambassadors:

Wallpaper matches for your home

Some of our most cherished designs and pattern combinations within this style.