Natural Serenity

The surrounding world's uncertain circumstances have made us spend more time at home, and the need to create our own sanctuaries is stronger than ever. A place to rest and find peace. Many find nature soothing and bring their home closer to nature or incorporate nature's raw beauty and colors into their home.

Natural Serenity is poetic, stripped down from the unnecessary, and one of the most appreciated interior design styles. The style is simplistic, warm, and characterized by earthy soothing colors. Match with furniture from your favorite time periods, carefully selected design items, and soft aquarelles. The style is both tactile, dreamy, and harmonic.

“The style Natural Serenity is restful and poetic, presenting everlasting patterns.”

Wallpaper inspiration

Dreamy patterns, often in layers and inspired by nature, characterize this style. The color scheme is contemporary and earthy, often in many shades of one color. Some of our most beloved patterns suit this style very well, such as the soft botanical pattern Monica, the large soothing floral pattern Morängen, or Jon's delicate layered leaves in shades of green.

Style characteristics: Less is more, shades of earthy colors, selected contemporary design items, soft aquarelles.

Style ambassadors:

Wallpaper matches for your home

Some of our most cherished designs and pattern combinations within this style.