Green Wallpaper

Green wallpaper brings a wave of calming, natural energy into your home. Turn your home into a welcoming oasis for yourself, family, and friends. Engulf your walls in a soothing and organic aesthetic that you will love to come home to. Shop all green wallpaper here.

A Welcoming Green Oasis

Our Raphaël Green wallpaper is a majestic pattern that remains one of the most popular wallpaper designs we offer. Inspired by the treetops in Central Park as well as antique tapestries, Raphaël shows a distinction between light and shade.

Aralia Green is a wonderous green wallpaper. It features leafy ivy flowing from the ceiling or growing from the floor depending on how you hang it. It gives a clean, minimalist aesthetic that is a perfect background to emphasize all features of a room.

Faded Passion Sage Green is one of our most illustrious wallpaper designs. This Sage Green wallpaper is a fantastic choice for someone looking for a rustic look. This floral wallpaper is inspired by a romanticized vintage design. Make this the wallpaper in your next project.

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Other Colors

Delightful Green Wallpaper Designs

Green wallpaper works perfectly with living rooms, children rooms, and dining rooms.

If you love color, use green wallpaper to spruce up your living spaces by combining with shades of pinks, grays, and yellows. To achieve a classic Scandinavian look, choose a wallpaper with a white backdrop. This creates a modern contrast and adds crispness to your room.

Find a wonderful floral arrangement that you won’t have to water or care for. Allow your floral design to live peacefully on your wall for the rest of time. A wonderful snapshot. This phenomenal gift from nature encapsulates beauty and wonder.

Sage green wallpaper is becoming more and more popular. The blend of mystery and playfulness captivates any and all minds.

Bring this harmonious color into your home for your next project. Create your own wonderland or personal happy place in a soft, organic setting. Open your creative mind and choose Sandberg Wallpaper.

Best Colors to Pair with Green Wallpaper

Green is a wonderful color. It is a neutral background color that can easily shift the gaze of the viewer’s eye. It is enchanting, curious, and is representative of growth, health, and positivity.

It pairs perfectly with blue to create an oceanic experience. This calming atmosphere is great for a living room. Another charming option is to combine these colors in a children's room.

Green wallpaper accents wood floors as well as furniture like none other.

With inspiration from nature, the combination of the green color with wood accents transports you into the heart of a lively forest. You will not want to pass up on this imaginative color combination.

The color white brightens and brings life to green wallpaper. It brings interest to the displayed patterns and draws lively attention to nuanced details.

Create a Sustainable and Organic Space

Green is the color of life. From the smallest blade of grass to the large leaves on the tallest trees. The color represents youth, positivity, life, and health. Waking up to a room with walls covered in a majestic green wallpaper will surely be your first reminder of the beauty of life.

Sustainability is paramount to Sandberg and we hold it close to our hearts.

Everything we make is with the surrounding environment in mind. Here in Sweden, we are blessed with expansive, dense forests from which we draw much inspiration. We are surrounded every day by the wonders of nature. As an ode to mother nature, we make sure to be as environmentally clean as possible, incorporating recycling and recycled materials into our production.

We love to continue creating sustainable spaces in all of our endeavors and we would be thrilled for you to follow suit. Together, we can create a sustainable world for generations to follow. Small steps go a long way.

Much of our inspiration is based on the natural world and our surroundings. We find beauty in our everyday lives and we want to convey our love to you. We hope you find as much satisfaction in nature as we do here. Thanks to the natural world, we are able to deliver the best product possible to you and make your next project a glorious success.