Get inspired by a gender-neutral children´s room

We had a chat with Susanne – boho.wife on Instagram. We asked about her about the redecoration of her son’s room.

What was the goal of the new interior?  

I wanted to get away from what is “boyish/girly” and inspire my followers with a gender-neutral space. Also, I love mixing patterns and colours so that the room feels playful and cosy. 

How did you choose the wallpaper? 

I started with Saxon’s favourite colour. It took a long time to find the perfect shade and feeling. When I see a piece of interior, I immediately know if I like it or not. When I saw Kajsa sky blue, I knew it was the one I wanted. 

What do you think is most important when decorating a children’s room?

In a children’s room, there is no limit, and you can go “all in” with the interior. I find it helpful to start with a base colour and add matching items.

Most importantly, what does Saxon think about his new room and wallpaper? 

Saxon’s reaction was delightful. He took his hands over his cheeks and exclaimed – That is so nice and beautiful, and he had a big smile on his lips. It is so much fun to change interior style now and then.