Welcome to this 18th century house

On a beautiful autumn day, we jumped in the car and headed south to the province of Småland, to the lovely old town of Tingsryd, to visit Frida in her wonderful 18th century house. The house is a real showcase for Sandberg Wallpaper.


Frida and her neighbour’s dog came out to welcome us as we drove up. The ground is covered with leaves, and light streams enticingly from the windows.


When we stepped into the house, we met Frida’s two-year old daughter, Esther, who was a little wary of us at first, but it wasn’t long before she was eagerly inviting us to see her new room.

The child’s room, newly decorated with Sandberg Wallpaper’s Kaspar pattern, was only finished the previous evening.

“We work best under pressure,” laughs Frida.
Esther was busy exploring her new room, and proudly showing us all her toys.


Frida runs the delightful Instagram account, Othiliashem, alongside her day job in a bank. She is the 6th generation of her family to live in the house, and, one day, Esther will be the 7, if she decides to take over.


We were invited into the kitchen, where a Per Morberg inspired tomato soup was simmering on the stove. Frida served oven-baked salmon after the soup, and the whole meal was absolutely delicious.

While we ate, and Esther entertained us, Frida explained that it was by no means a foregone conclusion that she would take over the house. However, her partner, David, who runs his own contractor’s business, thought it just felt right.  So, after some discussion, and on Frida’s instance that the house should be totally renovated, they decided to go with it.


What were your thoughts when you reached the decision?

“We were committed to retaining the period style, but it had to be modern and practical. I was absolutely determined that it would not feel like my childhood home.

We got in touch with a carpenter, and began by changing the layout. We then went on to renovate the hall, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms, the whole interior of the house, really. We’ll start on the outside in the spring,” says Frida, and she sounds very much as though she is looking forward to it. There is clearly no doubt that decorating and finishing the house is a major part of Frida’s life.


The hallway is welcoming, with Ava from Sandberg Wallpaper and built-in furniture from Åraslöv.


Frida explains that she took care of the colour scheme, while David chose the materials and appliances. For him, a large stove was essential, while Frida focused on choosing paint and wallpaper. She found inspiration from Instagram, home decorating/style magazines and blogs. She also ordered wallpaper swatches to get a sense of how colours and patterns would look in their home, before making a final decision.

While the house was being renovated, they lived in a small house nearby. This meant that they could keep a close eye on the work, but avoid living in the dust and rubble. After almost a year’s work, the renovation was completed in June 2016.


The built-in kitchen was designed and installed by Åraslöv kök och inredningar. The beautiful grey-green colour of the work surfaces is unique to Åraslöv.


The black stove and fan were supplied by Lofra. In the kitchen, the old staircase was retained, and it really catches the eye, though it blends in nicely as it is painted in the same colour as the kitchen. The staircase leads to the upper floor, with the dining/family room, bathroom and bedrooms.



The bedroom is papered throughout with Sandberg Wallpaper’s Ava pattern.


The dining/family room on the upper floor is decorated with the Marianne  wallpaper from Sandberg Wallpaper.


The vase was specially-designed by Carina Seth Andersson for Svenskt Tenn and made by Skrufs Glasbruk in Småland.

Name: Frida Eskilsson
Occupation: Bank clerk
Age: 33
Lives: in an 18th century house in Tingsryd
Family: David and daughter Esther, 2

What makes you happy?
That’s easy – being with my loved ones and when I get a chance to be creative.

What inspires you?
Well, I spend a lot of time on Instagram, as well as on other home-decorating/style websites and blogs, so I pick up ideas here and there, and then combine them into a style of my own.

How would you describe your decor?
It’s probably quite Scandinavian, with a lot of natural materials and muted colours.

Favourite knickknack?
My Norrgavel sofa, which I found on the advertising website ”blocket”, and repainted.

What would you absolutely not have at home?
I am not keen on harsh colours.

What is your favourite wallpaper?
Oh, that’s a difficult one. There are so many, and so many that I like, but I have to say that it must be Ava, since I have it in no less than three rooms in our house.

3 favourite Instagram accounts?

Photos taken by Sandra Willund.