Wallpaper ideas for your hallway

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Hi everyone. I am delighted to be a guest writer for Sandberg’s today, and I thought I would show you how I have used Sandberg’s Malin wallpaper, from their truly wonderful Oas collection, in part of my own home.

But perhaps I should start by introducing myself?

My name is Lotta Lundberg, and my alias on Instagram and my blog is Drömma, so that’s where my nickname, Drömma-Lotta, comes from. My home is in what is best described as a “fixer upper”, in Vasastan in Gothenburg. I have a whole floor of 7 rooms, 221 square metres, just for me and the kids. My home is also my workplace, which is perfect for me as a stylist and photographer. I can move things around and leave a photo shoot undisturbed for several days – that’s an unbelievable luxury! I also have an office, a writing-den where I can lock myself in and work on a document or edict pictures. That’s something I have longed for since – well, forever.

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Two of my 6 kids have moved out, so we are not short of space. My remaining four often let me know their thoughts on interiors, and they have a free hand to decorate their rooms the way they want. I find it fascinating to follow their thoughts on colours and the why and the how. Obviously, I keep a little control through the budget, and I insist that we reuse what we have, but their rooms are pretty much their own work. As for myself, I am a wallpaper geek of the highest rank, so you won’t find much in the way of painted walls in my place. As far as wallpaper is concerned, my idea has been to stick with Swedish companies for this project, not least because our producers are unbelievably creative and their products are first class.

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When we moved in at the end of August, we knew that the whole flat needed renovating, so we sat down together and drew up a list of our keywords, which looked something like this:


Of course, I realise that this list describes my own decorating style, happily blended and heartfelt. Lots of flea market finds, and quite snug, loads of wallpaper and subdued colours, but yet projecting a sense of calmness.

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I love to stay in hotels, and so the hall is quite magnificent, framed by dark mouldings and doors, where I want to emphasise just that. Not to charm away the darkness, but to get our guests wondering whether they have landed in another world, a little like a Wes Anderson film. Where you never know if you are in the middle of history, in a present world or in the future. Time is blotted out, and everything is in a safe haven. Our home is really divided into two parts. The first is dark, our “winter area”. We have just finished hanging the wallpaper, and have not really got round to furnishing it yet, but we will put up hooks and a large picture of a beautiful bouquet of women which I took last summer.

Coming home makes me happy. However wonderful a trip may be, my home is always my happy place.

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And Sara Bergqvist, who designed Malin, really succeeded in putting over the feel of an oasis.  I am totally enamoured with the unruly and the wild in it, yet it brings everyone to a calm place when they come inside the door. Striking and powerful, she should have a prize for it. Don’t bother asking me what my favourite wallpaper is. I’ve just told you – it’s this one!!

So there really wasn’t any choice to be made, there is, quite simply, a grain of gold for every room, occasion and period in life.

Rather like dresses …

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Have you a favourite gadget?
”My camera! And exquisite pens.”

What would you absolutely not have at home?
”Oh, that’s a difficult one. Certainly no plastic flowers, that I can guarantee …”

What is your favourite wallpaper?
”Malin, as I just told you.  I know that it might sound that I’ve been bought, but it really is true.”

3 favourite Instagram accounts?
”For the calmness, the nuances, the exceptional quality and the inspiring blending. They make me want to change, from the inside and out, not the other way round. Role models with massive talent and even bigger hearts.

”An Irish art photographer – dreamy, analogous and with a heart-wrenchingly beautiful photo stream. I lose myself in every picture she produces.

”She is an utterly sincere and brave friend, who does not back away from the difficulties of life. Her photos reflect the beauty of the everyday, and often with a flash of yearning or melancholy.  All with a universal and genuine appeal. A true influencer!

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Name: Lotta Lundberg, 44 years old
Famiy: 6 children, from 3 to 21
Lives: in Vasastan, Gothenburg, in a rented flat of seven rooms and 221 square metres.

We are thrilled that Lotta was willing to share her latest decorating project.