At home with Hanna Wendelbo


A little while back, a wonderful film team from JM visited my home. We chatted about my interior design philosophy, what life in our family home is like and what it is like to live in a newly-built house. Since then, I’ve received many questions about what wallpapers I have used on my walls – so now I’m about to tell you!


In the hall, we have used Eugen, a strongly-patterned wallpaper with a greige background, but also with details which pick up the black slate flooring and the oak that recurs in the bannister and skirting boards. When we picked a wallpaper for the hall, we wanted something which would really give the room character and make a delightful first impression on visitors. The hall is a passageway, with the stairs leading to the upper floor and the front door, so it is not a room which you spend time just sitting in. It is rather nice to take one final look in the mirror when you’re leaving the house for the day, and seeing your reflection surrounded by songbirds!


The hall is minimally furnished, and only with furniture intended for storage and hanging, an absolute must for a family of five interested in many different sports! The poster you can see on the wall is from House of Beatniks, and its colour matches the rest of the interior perfectly!


I love to potter round in my garden. When the film team visited, there were small pots everywhere from an early sowing. Basil should ideally be sown repeatedly, since homemade pesto is one of my absolute favourite foods!

We have now lived in our turnkey house for 10 years, which has its ups and downs! A newly-built house doesn’t require much maintenance to start with, which meant that there was time for the family. But it also lacks charm. A lot of work has to be put into adding to the blank canvas and making it exciting, and wallpaper is just fantastic for this!


A year ago, we finally took the leap and added the glassed-in veranda of our dreams to our standard villa. The veranda is now used as our dining room. This is where we all feel most at home, and we can finally host large dinners for the whole extended family or the football team! We still haven’t decided what wallpaper to use and new samples are on display every week. The wall is crying out for wallpaper, it feels bare and naked, but hopefully we will soon agree on something!



In the large living room, with its corner sofa, grand piano and fireplace, we have decided to use a self-coloured, grey wallpaper with a delicate fabric finish. All our posters and prints are displayed against the best conceivable background! We have many features in black, and white walls would have made for far too harsh a contrast. The Adam wallpaper gives the room a cosy and dressed feel, which shows off most things to best effect!


The grey shade of Adam creates a subtle, attractive contrast to the glass surfaces in the dining room, and further emphasises the various functions of the room. Here is my favourite from Lisalove!


A collection of plates, all with the unifying black-and-white colour scheme, is on display behind the fireplace where the grey Adam wallpaper softens the impact. Click HERE to find out what colours the wallpaper is available in – the one I’ve used is Adam 515-21.


The wallpaper in the hall is called Eugen – to find out more about it, click HERE.

And if you want to watch the film made in my home, click HERE.

/Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson