How to wallpaper a dolls house

Wallpapering a dolls house is not particularly difficult. And it’s a really fun and smart way to use up leftover wallpaper.

Hollie Green, Hollie Dark Blue, Hollie Grey Bianca Pink, Ava Dark Blue, Hollie Grey, Ava Grey.


Begin by deciding which wallpaper you want to use where. Then measure all the surfaces you are planning to wallpaper. To make totally sure you get it right, it’s best to make templates out of ordinary paper. When you feel it is absolutely perfect, then draw round the templates on the reverse side of your wallpaper. The easiest way is to do the wallpapering before you assemble your dolls house.


Use a pencil and draw on the reverse side of wallpaper so that you know where to cut.


When you have cut out all the templates, and you’re ready to start wallpapering, it’s time to apply the paste. You can apply the paste directly to the wallpaper or directly to the wall, but be sure to do only one piece of wallpaper or one wall at a time. Then line up the piece of wallpaper on the wall, and run your fingers over the paper, to smooth out any air bubbles. Let it dry while you paste the next piece of wallpaper or wall.


If you prefer, you can use double sided tape instead of wallpaper paste.


Now admire your work!