Swedish Wallpaper Art Since 1976

For 45 years, our work at Sandberg Wallpaper has been guided by dedicated craftsmanship, enchanting stories and worldwide pattern heritage to create Swedish wallpaper art of high quality. Our archive that looks both back- and forward in time is constantly relevant, we are driven by continued curiosity and by creating a more beautiful everyday life through new pattern expressions.

Raphael Forest Teal

As a tribute to all our years in the industry, we have chosen to create a magnificent special edition of one of our most appreciated patterns. Inspired by 18th-century French botanical fabrics, the Raphael pattern stands timelessly in both modern and classical contexts. Let us celebrate and grow with the tree of life.

Sandberg Wallpaper collections through traditions, craftsmanship and enchanting stories

Sandberg Wallpaper collections through traditions, craftsmanship and enchanting stories

Nippon - Japandi or Scandi-Japanese style

Nippon is our tribute to the idea of beauty in the simple, natural and imperfect. It creates a calm fusion between Scandinavia and Japan, called Japandi. Our patterns are taken from the memories of a long journey through Japan.

Familj II - A Scandinavian home

Family II is our collection for the whole family. Beautiful colors, playful and graphic, for the modern Scandinavian home. All patterns are named after children with a connection to us on Sandberg Wallpaper. Della herself was involved and chose animals for her pattern. Little Moa was waiting in her stomach as her fabulous jungle grew.

Kolonin - An oasis in the city

Kolonin is our interpretation of the life that goes on between the home in the city and the visit to the allotment. Hand-painted flower stems and magnificent foliage interact in a bubbling flora, the colour scheme reflects modern times and ranges from the pleasantly sober to the dramatically dark. Kolonin is our tribute to that part of the Swedish cultural heritage.

L’Hôtel - Colors in an eclectic mix

L´Hôtel offers dramatic patterns and powerful colors in an eclectic mix. Imagine exclusive velvet curtains and heavy luxurious scents in the small exclusive boutique hotel where quirky expressions interact with classic style ideals and cocky exclamation marks. The big fashion houses meet the little secret cocktail bar.

Arv - Timeless and classic

Arv is a classic collection created with pride of our history. The collection adds beautiful, restful homes that give peace to generations. Emphasising the Nordic light with airy motifs that breathe lightness and varies between magnificent vegetation and a stripped-down base.

Hand drawn Scandinavian design

Timeless, classic Scandinavian wallpaper of high quality with a unique expression that lasts over time. The love of craftsmanship is evident in every step we take towards creating what we call Swedish Wallpaper Art.