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Living room inspiration

The living room is the center of your home, where the possibilities are endless. Whether it's the traditional, modern, or classic style that best suits you, we promise you that Sandberg has wallpapers you will love for a very long time.

Find Your Favorite

Poppy in color Garden Green

Timeless greenery

Linnea in the color Garden Green by @_amimami_ and @elin.sofia

Classic greenery and floral patterns are, since way back, a favorite choice all over the world. Flowers and lingering greenery in harmonic colors suit every room, especially the cozy living room. This becomes a spot for spending time with your loved ones in a peaceful and loving environment. Our lovely Linnea in the color Garden Green sets a beautiful and classic tone to the room with its adorable greenery in soft green tones.

A common trait for all of our classic wallpapers, Linnea being one of them, is their sustainable and timeless designs that will dress the walls in your home perfectly for many years.

Floral Wallpaper

Olof in the color Sandstone

Our collection Villa Dalarö II is another classic collection with the purpose of dressing your walls. Delicate patterns in harmonious, gentle color scale mixed with deeper colors, clean lines, and soft checks. The atmosphere in Villa Dalarö is consistent and timeless, filled with elements of sentimental values ​​and history.

Classic Wallpaper

Give your living room a modern touch

Magnus, Emrik and Lo in the colors Sandstone and Hazel. Emrik by @3res

Are you dreaming about the ideal wallpaper for your living room? If so, our modern wallpapers may be the ones to make your heart skip a beat. Eyecatching details combined with stunning colors and undemanding patterns create a common theme in the entire room. Even though they have some contemporary hints, our modern wallpapers are just as unique and personalized as our traditional assortment.

Pine in the color Black

Our lovely Pine in a moody black color with golden details truly is one of our favorites. The subtle minimalism with its dark colors fits perfectly with the forest-inspired golden details, making this a sweet choice for the modern living room.

Modern Wallpaper

Contemporary design with a beautiful history

Emelie in the color Petrol

Our dreamy collection Löfstad is the perfect choice when longing for some traditional and luxurious living room inspiration where high quality and style has the main focus. This collection originates from the Swedish Löfstad castle and its own unique wallpapers, an archive with over a hundred years of history. Löfstad is a sweet mix of original expressions and natural beauty. Many of the patterns are originals from the castle and have been carefully handled by us in our studio.

Löfstad offers a large variety of beautiful wallpapers in many undemanding patterns and colors, all for the well-being of you and your living room. These patterns have a familiar tone of classical elegance and offer something for everyone, especially you, who care extra for conscious choices and high quality.

Collection Löfstad

Ragnvi in the color Clay by @millansvilla