Scandinavian Interior Design with Janniche from Blogga i Bagis

Our collection Familj II has been developed in collaboration with Janniche Kristoffersen from Blogga i Bagis. Janniche has been involved in the color scheme and also styled the collection that her husband Johan Bergström has photographed. We asked some questions to Janniche who tells us about her interior style, how she chooses wallpaper and the dream of a holiday paradise.

What are your quick tips for interior design?

Dare to try, it is always possible to change. You can always fill a nail hole and undo the choice of paint. Shop vintage. The best (and most fun) way to find unique objects to your home. Get help from professionals. Sometimes you just don’t reach the result you want. Now there are many online services that can help you with the décor and styling of your home.

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The Interview with Janniche Kristoffersen

How do you and your family live?

We live in a townhouse from the ’50s in Bagarmossen, a small suburb south of Stockholm. The house has two floors and a basement, and a reasonably large garden. We have a slightly different floor planning as the lounge is on the top floor. To get more social space downstairs, we removed one of the bedrooms to get a larger kitchen and dining room. We hang out there all the time!

Was it love at first sight?

No, not really. When we were looking for a house, the location was very important, we wanted to live near the city and be able to take the subway as we didn’t want to have a car. We thought the house was nice and had potential, but there was no wow-feeling. We pulled out of the bidding, but after a few days we realized that it was the wrong decision, so we ended up buying it – it was the first house we viewed!

How would you describe your style?

My style has gone through several phases, but in recent years I have gone more towards the simple style, and what other people may call the “Scandinavian style”. I usually start from a light base and supplement with dull colours. Mixing old with new and home-built furniture is also something I like. In some rooms, I have used paint or wallpaper, but I keep away from strong colours. I try to scale away rather than adding, and I really try not to buy unnecessary things.

What are your best tips when choosing wallpaper?

The difficult thing about choosing wallpaper is to imagine what the final result will look like. The wallpaper samples you buy are usually very small, so ask to buy a larger sample so you can test the pattern on a larger surface. If you think it is too much to wallpaper entire walls, it is very nice to just wallpaper half the wall and leave the other part painted – either in the same tone as the wallpaper or something that breaks off completely.

Do you have a favourite place in your home?

It is probably the garden if I am allowed to choose that. It is so cozy! But indoors, it is probably the kitchen island; where we cook, have a glass of wine, play games, hang out with friends – it is a central place in our home.

What is your favourite colour?

I can’t really choose one, so I am going to say all shades of earthy and dirty pastels.

You best tips for decorating a children’s room?

It is probably to think about the child’s age and needs. What does he/she like to do? For Otis, who loves to play on the floor with his train tracks and cars, we have made sure that there is space for that. We have also put in wardrobes that take a lot of storage. There we have stored his toys in boxes that he can easily take out and put back himself. Of course, a child’s room should also feel cozy, so the details are very important. Light trails, pictures, cushions and rugs do a lot to for the coziness.

What do you dream about right now?

Right now, I am dreaming about getting the back of the house sorted and organized. We have hired a landscape Architect because we have no idea what to do with that part, right now there is just a gravel pile after a drainage work. Apart from that, I have had a dream for a long time about a summer cottage. When that day comes, I have major plans on how to turn this cottage into a holiday paradise.

Which are your favourite wallpapers from the Familj II collection?

Eden, Estelle and Otis.