Easy easter crafts – with wallpaper

In Sweden we put great focus on decorating our homes with feathers and Easter decorations. We would like to share some easy crafts for all ages to help you create a bright and spring-like feeling in your home. Learn how to make your own eggs and feathers to hang in your very own Easter tree!

Påskpyssel blogg.jpg

Påskägg blogg.jpg

1. Print out the patterns at the bottom of the page.
2. Trace and cut out the eggs. We have used 5 “eggs” for each egg.

Påskpyssel blogg1.jpg

3. When you have cluttered the eggs, bend them in the middle and glue the two halves together. Do the same with the remaining bits. See the illustration below.

4. Place a fishing line in the middle before you glue the fifth and last egg.

Påskpyssel blogg2.jpg

Påskdukning2 blogg.jpg

fjädrar blogg.jpg

We have chosen to make the feathers out of wallpaper to match the eggs. We fastened the wallpaper on to small wooden sticks but you could also leave this step out and use them as table decorations. Another tip is to pick twigs from your garden and fasten the feathers with a bit of steel wire. When you bring the twigs inside your home they will sprout leaves and blossoms that fast forward your dining room to spring.

fjädrar blogg .jpg
Wallpaper feathers:

1. Print out the patterns at the bottom of the page.
2. Trace and cut out the clouds. We have used 5 “clouds” for each cloud.
3. Fold the wallpaper and cut out featherlike shapes.
4. Glue the cut outs to the stick as the picture show.
5. Wait for the glue to dry, then cut downwards to get thin strips (the thinner strips the more featherlike your creation will be). Make your cuts from the outer edge towards the stick.

Happy Easter!