Interior inspiration

Villa Ørsvågvær

Discover the beautiful Villa Ørsvågvær built in the 1890s in the idyllic fishing village of Lofoten, Norway. The decorator Annette has exceeded all expectations and created a wonderful house.

Villa Ørsvågvær – Lofoten, Norway

Interior Designer Annette Nordstrøm

Annette is a designer who creates colorful projects in addition to mastering the use of patterns in wallpaper and textures in textiles that match the wall color choices.
Annette spent several days doing color analysis on the house to see how the colors on the walls changed at all times of the day.

"Everything must harmonize, it is important to have flow and transitions from one color to another that do not seem disruptive, even if there are daring color choices used in this project. In the past, there were so many beautiful colors in the interiors. I want to inspire wider use of color in homes, there is far too much beige, gray and white."

Annette Nordstrøm, Interior Designer

"It is a long winter in Lofoten and during this period it is important that the interiors are cozy and inviting when the winter storms rage right outside the windows of the home."

Annette Nordstrøm, Interior Designer