Pattern Stories Emilia Ilke

With Pattern Stories we want to embrace a specific wallpaper design and give the story behind the pattern. We want to show the craftsmanship that leads to the finished wallpaper. We call it Swedish Wallpaper Art.

We had a little chat with the Contemporary Artists Emilia Ilke, the designer of the wallpaper Emilia Ilke.

Emilia Ilke was born in Uppsala in 1984 and moved to Stockholm to follow her dream to become an artist. After her studies, she remained in the capital city. Today she works as a freelance artist and stylist. She has exhibited her art at prestigious art galleries such as Liljevalch’s Spring Saloon, Lilla baren at Riche and POM Gallery.

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Her expression took off in a small glass vase with “ears” signed Carina Seth Andersson. Carina and Emilia exhibited together in 2015 and Emilia fell in love with the shape. The inspiration resulted in the board “First shape”. It was with this shape that everything started, hence the name, First shape. In the studio, Emilia always works on ten paintings at the same time, when one dries, she moves on to the next one. The artworks blend together and form a larger whole. She draws much of her inspiration from decor, photography and fashion.

The Interview with Emilia Ilke

How do you and your family live?

My partner and our two children live in a red brick school from 1952 in Hägerstensåsen, south of Södermalm in Stockholm.

Was it love at first sight?

Yes, it was! It was out at the broker as a “coming sale” for a really low price, and I was completely obsessed. I had to beg for a preview for six months. The deal became much more expensive than we expected. I even made a higher bid in secret from my partner.

Where does your art interest come from?

Actually, I never thought about it. It has felt so obvious! But it probably started as a way to express myself in my teens. I also grew up with a neighbour who was extremely inspiring and has a large art collection that I often admired as a little kid.

Is it important to follow trends?

Trends inspire me, but I am quite unbroken. I see it as a way to expand my colour palette. But I never strive to create trendy art. I want to create pieces that last over time and that are to be loved for hundreds of years. As an artist, you usually peak after your death, which is probably the only disadvantage with the profession.

Do you have a favourite colour?

In private, black is my favourite colour. In the arts, no! Like every artist, I find it difficult to work with green.

What are you dreaming of right now?

I dream of a large separate exhibition, a collaboration with a specific fashion brand and a house with its own bathing jetty in the sea.

Three quick interior tips?

Shop at flea markets / vintage / auction! Invest in real art, visit galleries and final exhibitions at art schools.