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In this part of Dress Your Home, we present how you can mix and match some of our most beloved and expressive wallpapers. We introduce soft color schemes and perfectly balanced designs from our collection Essentials and show how wallpapers can complement and enhance each other.

"Sandberg Wallpaper designs hand-painted wallpapers to love for generations, carefully selected to dress your entire home."


Our collection Essentials consists of perfectly worked surfaces designed to kindly complement and enhance our more patterned wallpapers. Each wallpaper was carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, shape, and color. These designs teem with life but give off a tranquil feeling. Detailed and vivid up close but experienced as more plain-colored at a distance, they make neighboring rooms feel related, creating a harmonious home.

"A plain-colored wall doesn’t have to be quiet. It can teem with life but still exude a sense of calm."

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How to Mix & Match

Some tips along the way when you are choosing wallpapers for your home.

Choose colors that complement each other
Mixing different colors is always a great idea; the golden rule is to choose colors that complement each other. You can go tone on tone or combine colors such as blue and gray, green and beige, or black and white, which have similar color expressions. Also, consider the color’s intensity and mix colors of the same strength to create a cohesive and harmonious home.

Mix and match large and small patterns
If you have selected a large expressive wallpaper in one room, combine it with a smaller pattern in the next room. Instead of matching your wallpaper with white walls, try a small pattern giving that sweet flow between the rooms instead of that “on and off” effect that sometimes happens with plain white walls.

Mix & Match Our Favorites

There are so many lovely options when it comes to mixing and matching our wallpapers. All patterns are designed to complement each other and therefore be able to dress an entire home. Even though we love all of our designs, some have become favorites in our Sandberg family. Here are some of them and their friends:

Raphael Light Blue

Linnea Garden Green

Pine Grey

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