Pattern Stories Linda

With Pattern Stories, we want to embrace a specific wallpaper design and tell the story behind the pattern. We want to show the craftsmanship that leads to the finished wallpaper. We call it Swedish Wallpaper Art.

Hand-painted wallpaper art

Linda is a beloved wallpaper with many lovely stories to tell. The pattern was hand-drawn by our talented designer Sara Bergqvist and named after her sister, who is deeply interested in nature and plants.

"The pattern is drawn with pencil, using different hardnesses to make details come to life and create depth."

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On the wall: Linda, Misty Blue.

The design is based on one of the most beautiful sights in spring. The bursting magnolia trees. The branches spread gorgeously over the soft background, adorned by roses, lilacs, and the very much loved lilies of the valley. Only your imagination sets the limits, and Sara has included some imaginary flowers for you to name.

The pattern is one of Sara's most time-consuming and fulfilling to paint and the perfect example of how Sandberg Wallpaper passionately creates Swedish Wallpaper Art to love for generations.

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The pattern has a big sister in the wall mural Belinda, an enlarged version of Linda. The larger scale of Belinda creates a grand backdrop. Linda has a more embracing ambiance. Both are wonderful additions to any home.

Linda's and Belinda's color schemes reflect modern times and range from pleasantly sober beige to more dramatically dark hues.

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On the wall: Belinda, Dark Blue.