How to Make Pinwheel with Wallpaper

Make a beautiful pinwheel out of wallpaper from materials you already have at home. This is an excellent use for wallpaper samples or pieces of wallpaper that have been left over from the wallpapering, beautiful and climate-smart. Wind spinners are simple and fun decorations to create, and not only are they great for entertaining children, but also great for a garden party.

The pinwheels can be used as a decoration in the garden or let the children run as quickly as they can to see how fast the pinwheels spin.

Tip! With wallpaper samples, you can more easily see how your favorite wallpapers fit in your home! Experience the wallpapers in different lights and how they match your furniture before you decide on your dream wallpaper. Read more about how to get the most out of your wallpaper sample.

You will need

  • Wallpaper samples or leftovers, two equally large square pieces
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Steel wire
  • Pearls, two for each spin
  • Wooden stick, eg barbecue stick

Step by Step Guide

Step 1. Glue the backs of the wallpaper pieces together.

Step 2. Fold the wallpaper diagonally into a triangle, fold up and do the same in the other direction. When you unfold the wallpaper, you should have a cross in the middle.

Step 3. Using scissors, cut each corner halfway to the center.

Step 4. Make a hole in the center and in every other tab formed in the paper.

Step 5. Use a piece of steel wire of about 10 cm and thread on a bead. Attach the bead by twirling the thread. The pearl will create distance between the wallpaper and the stick to give a good spin.

Step 6. Fold-down every other tab, the ones with holes in them, and hold all the tabs together with your hands

Step 7. Thread the steel wire through the holes in the tabs and through the hole in the middle.

Step 8. Thread a bead on the back, place the pin on top and wrap the steel wire around the pin.

Ready to go out in the wind and spin loose!