Dress Your Home Ceiling Wallpaper

A wallpapered ceiling is often an unexpected but appreciated detail in a home. It's easy to forget the ceiling when decorating, but it is a clean canvas full of possibilities, and wallpapered ceilings are more popular than ever.

"Ceiling wallpaper is a feature that we will see more of. It makes the home unique and creates a beautiful focal point in a room."

Sandra Willund, Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper

" Fall asleep under the open skies, dine under the lush embracing canopies, or create that magical wonderland for the little ones."

Depending on the wallpaper you choose, you can add depth and height and enhance your interior and the feeling you wish to convey.

" A wallpapered ceiling creates a welcoming and embracing atmosphere."

The ceiling can serve as a contrast to the rest of the interior, as a focal point, and as that little extra sweet something to an otherwise clean interior. Frame and accentuate your wallpaper art with moldings to make it stand out even more.

Wallpapered ceilings work beautifully in any room but are extra lovely in bedrooms, dining rooms, powder rooms, or dreamy kids' rooms.

Start dreaming today of how you can Add Beauty to Your Home with ceiling wallpaper.

Ceiling Wallpaper

Lovely Wallpapered Ceilings

"Some do wallpaper, we do wallpaper art."

Lovely Choices for Your Ceiling