Beautiful Easter Creations with Wallpaper

In the Nordic countries, we love to decorate our homes with feathers and decorative figurines of chickens during Easter. Feathers are hung in twigs and then placed in a vase, which brings a touch of spring into our homes. Learn how to make your own eggs and feathers to hang in your very own Easter tree!

You will need

  • Pieces of wallpaper
  • A decorative ribbon
  • A pair scissors
  • Wire

How to Make Easter Feathers

Step 1: Take a 15 cm square sheet of wallpaper, cut it so you have two triangles.

Step 2: Fold your wallpaper as many times as possible, short side to short side. Smooth out and fold again after the previous folding, make sure to firmly fold the paper into creases so that an accordion-like shape is formed.

Step 3: Fold in the middle.

Step 4: Attach with steel wire at the bottom of the feather. Make a ring with the steel wire so that you can attach it to the Easter tree. You can cover the steel wire with a decorative bow.

How to Make Easter Eggs

Step 1: Draw patterns that you can use to cut out the wallpaper shapes.

Step 2: Trace and cut out the eggs. We have used 5 “eggs” for each egg.

Step 3: When you have cut the eggs, bend them in the middle and glue the two halves together. Do the same with the remaining bits.

Step 4: Place a fishing line in the middle before you glue the fifth and last egg.

Voila! Now you can hang up your wallpaper feathers on the Easter tree and enjoy your new decoration!