A collection of wallpaper friends that kindly complement our most cherished designs.

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Just like friends in real life can lift you up, wallpapers can do the same. Essentials is a collection of friends that kindly complement our other more expressive wallpapers. Essentials consist of perfectly worked surfaces that give a vivid feeling and a mixed color tone that creates harmony with neighboring rooms.

"The Essentials collection was designed to complement our most cherished and more expressive designs and, therefore, to dress the entire home. "

Lovely Greens

The color green exudes a sense of tranquility and vitality, connecting us to Mother Nature. Tone-on-tone greens are a beautiful way to mix and match your wallpaper.

Terracotta Tones

Earthy terracotta tones ground us and create a warm, welcoming home. Perfect for matching tone-on-tone or with deep dark blues or lovely lush greens.

"The extra time we've spent adjusting the smallest detail to perfection creates that little something out of the ordinary through the perfect balance of shape and color."

Soft Blues

Blue is a beautifully versatile color, lovely tone-on-tone, or matched with green, pink, sandstone, or white for creating tranquil and peaceful settings.

Mix & Match Our Favorites

Learn how to mix and match some of our most beloved and expressive wallpapers. We introduce the soft color schemes and perfectly balanced designs from Essentials and show how wallpapers can complement and enhance each other.

Beautiful Grays

Shades of gray, calming, elegant, and sophisticated, they make the perfectly balanced base color.

Mix & Match By Color

Read about mixing and matching wallpapers by color, creating a beautifully harmonious home. Be inspired by lovely color schemes and perfect wallpaper matches.

Serene Sandstone

Sandstone, serene, warm hues of sandy beige. Perfect for creating an embracing ambiance and lovely to mix and match with other complementary colors.

"A plain-colored wall doesn't have to be quiet. It can teem with life but still exude a sense of calm."

Blush Pinks

Soft, dusty pinks are lovely for creating a warm, creative, and embracing home. Pinks are also beautiful to match with soft blue, lush green, or elegant white.

Elegant Whites

The most versatile base. Crisp whites or off-white shades match everything and create a soothing or elegant feeling depending on whether you choose the warmer or colder hues.

"Sandberg Wallpaper designs hand-painted wallpapers to love for generations, carefully selected to dress your entire home."


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