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Privacy Policy

For Gimmersta Wallpaper, transparency is key. Both in how we work, but also how we handle the information we gather about our visitors. In this text, we will let you know how and why we handle personal data and cookies on our websites, as well as your rights and our obligations towards you as a customer. Your experience and safety are important to us.

This policy might change as the new Data Protection Law (“GDPR”) develops. Should we make significant changes we promise to let you know.

Responsibility for Personal Data

Gimmersta Wallpaper is responsible for the processing of personal data on this site. That means it's our responsibility to make sure that you as a visitor:

  • Are aware of why and how we collect your personal information.
  • Can make active choices to approve or deny processing and storage of your personal information (we do not process your personal information without your approval).
  • Can update your information.
  • Can be forgotten from the system and the information we process about you is deleted.
  • Can get all personal information we store about you handed out to you.
  • May request that we export your personal information.
  • Have your personal information in safe storage with us. We will not disclose them to third-parties without you being informed.

Personal information and cookies

Personal data includes everything that can identify you personally; name, address, social security number, e-mail, etc. In addition to personal information, cookies are also used on the site. Cookies are small files sent to your computer via the browser (unless you turn off cookies) when you visit a website. Their function is to gather information about how a visitor uses a website, often to offer customized content.

Why do Gimmersta Wallpaper store your personal information and cookies?

Necessary features

We have cookies that are necessary for the functionality of the site to work. For example, those who keep track of what you have added to the shopping cart.

For analysis

Some cookies are available for us to measure and analyze how our site performs and how our customers use it to improve your experience.

For your experience

Some cookies remember your settings (such as your country and language selection), and temporarily save some of our site as you browse, for everything to load faster. It makes your experience much better!

For marketing

We also use cookies to deliver better, more relevant marketing and ads to you. They help us show what you're interested in and measure how our campaigns perform.

If you ever leave your email address to us during your visit to the site, the cookie will be linked to your email address. This will allow us, if you consent to it, to send you suggestions on in-depth reading within the area of ​​your interest, such as guides and blog posts.

We mainly use cookies to improve our services so that you get the best experience. In your browser, you can clear your cookies, but also choose to turn them off completely. Keep in mind that some parts of our site may stop working for you.

In the context of retargeting and banner advertising, we use third-party services that save cookies on our site.

How we handle cookies

Cookies are tracked using trackers, for different purposes. In our case, it's all about providing the visitor with a tailor-made experience of our range.

We will not sell, transfer or otherwise disclose your information beyond the terms of this policy, unless we are required to do so as a result of a court decision or if you consented to such sharing, for example for marketing purposes.

This does not exclude us from using suppliers who process your information on our behalf in accordance with written agreements and our instructions. The supplier who accesses your information (for example, when we use a third party to store data on a server), is not given a right to use your information for purposes other than the purposes stated in this policy.

How to delete cookies in your browser

How to delete cookies from your browser depends on which browser you are using. You can find guidance through the browser's own interface, or website. Some common browsers and how to delete cookies in them (click for external link):

Internet Explorer

How we use the data we collect

What personal data do we collect when ordering a product and for what purpose?


We process your personal data in order to handle your purchases and provide you with relevant news and information.

Actions performed

  • Delivery (including notification and contact regarding delivery).
  • Identification and age control.
  • Payment handling (including analysis of possible payment solutions, which may include a check against payment history and credit reporting).
  • Handling of complaint and warranty matters.
  • Subscription to our newsletter.

Categories of personal data

  • Name.
  • Social security number.
  • Contact details (eg address, email and phone number).
  • Payment history.
  • Payment Information.
  • Credit reports from credit reporting companies.
  • Purchase information (for example, which item has been ordered or if the item is to be delivered to another address).

Legal basis

Completion of the purchase agreement. This collection of your personal information is required in order to fulfill our obligations under the purchase agreement. If the information is not provided, our commitments can not be fulfilled and we are therefore forced to refuse your purchase.

Storage period

Until the purchase has been completed (including delivery and payment) and for a period of 24 months thereafter in order to handle any complaints and warranty matters. If no activity occurred (login to account, saved favorites, contacted customer support) for 24 months, the data is permanently deleted.

What personal data do we collect if you create an account on Gimmersta Wallpaper's website, join our newsletter, or download a guide as well as for what purpose?


Until the purchase has been completed (including delivery and payment) and for a period of 24 months thereafter in order to handle any complaints and warranty matters. If no activity occurred (login to account, saved favorites, contacted customer support) for 24 months, the data is permanently deleted.

Actions performed

  • Creation of login function.
  • Ensuring your identity and age.
  • Maintaining correct and updated information.
  • The opportunity for you to follow your purchase and payment history.
  • The opportunity for you to save favorites and similar facilitation measures.
  • Managing your customer choices (eg Your profile and your settings).
  • Creating personalized content for you, such as relevant product recommendations, presentation of your specific benefits and offers.
  • Simplifying your use of our services (eg by saving favorites to facilitate future purchases or reminding you of forgotten/abandoned digital shopping carts).
  • Personal communication based on your behavior.
  • Analysis of the data we collect for the purpose.

Categories of personal data

  • Name.
  • Social security number.
  • Contact details (eg address, email and phone number).
  • Purchase History.
  • Payment history.
  • Payment Information.
  • Username and password.
  • Settings regarding your profile and your personal choices.
  • Purchase and user-generated data (e.g., click and visit history).

Legal basis

This collection of your personal information is required to provide you with product recommendations, help and tips on how to wallpaper and information about campaigns. If the information is not provided, our commitments can not be met and we are therefore forced to deny an account with Gimmersta Wallpaper.

Storage period

Until membership is terminated (can be done manually or automatically due to inactivity for a period of 24 months).

To grant / withdraw consent

We will only process your personal information after you have approved the handling, as well as the purpose of the handling.

You prevent the storage of cookies and the deletion of already stored cookies via your browser. The approach varies depending on the browser so we refer to your browser's help section to find the right path.

To download our guides, you must agree that we store your information, so we can provide suggestions for further readings in the area. You can unsubscribe from the mailing at any time through a link in the mail. You can also update your settings through the link in the mail. If you unsubscribe from further mailing, your personal information will be removed from our system. You can contact us to have your data removed/forgotten.

To update your information

To update your personal information, contact us.

To get your information handed out or forgotten

You have the right to request information about the personal data we have about you at any time. If your information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request that it be corrected or deleted. We can not delete your data in cases where there is a statutory requirement for storage, such as accounting rules, or when there are other legitimate reasons why the data must be saved.

If you have any questions about how we handle your personal information, you are always welcome to contact us.

Third-Party Information

Your personal information is secure with us. We do not sell or exchange your information.

Contact us

Contact us if you have questions about personal information & cookies.