Sandberg Wallpaper

Our Designers

Our talented artists design wallpapers inspired by our heritage and the nature surrounding us. Together with the knowledge, creativity, and passion of their family at Sandberg Wallpaper, they create Swedish Wallpaper Art.

"Our passion lies in the love of details – details made possible due to each pattern being drawn by hand"

Sara Bergqvist

Tell us about yourself as a designer:

I love to work with different expressions and techniques, and I challenge my methods to achieve the most beautiful patterns. I'm driven by telling stories and working artistically, and I enjoy painting by hand, letting details and colors develop slowly. I love to create collections where each pattern has its own purpose and where they enhance each other, both in expression and color.

What inspires you?

Nature and the changes of the seasons, craftmanship, organic shapes, music, trips, cultures, contrasts, and cooking.

Which is your favorite pattern among your designs?


Patterns with lots of lovely details and depth. A free interpretation of nature's plants with an embracing feeling on the wall.

Sara’s favorites

Karolina Kroon

Tell us about yourself as a designer:

I have an artistic approach to my work and find inspiration in creating stories for different collections and occasions. To constantly be challenged with various techniques and expressions, with a love for the crafts and details at heart, keeps me motivated.

What inspires you?

Details, meticulous high-quality design, interiors with character and unexpected combinations, nature, especially our Scandinavian landscape, arts, crafts, historical patterns, and ornaments.

Which is your favorite pattern among your designs?

Pine. A pattern with an exquisite nordic kinship and an exotic decorative expression.

Karolina’s favorites