Striped Wallpaper

Striped wallpaper is a classic that never fails. See our large selection of striped wallpaper that adds Scandinavian simplicity to your home. Enjoy them on their own or combine them with a patterned wallpaper to tie the room together. Stripes can easily be used in any room as they match beautifully with other patterns without competing with each other. Whether you prefer thin or blocked stripes we have something to suit most tastes.

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Learn about classic and forever-relevant stripes in our new Style Guide. From classical to modern, stripes have a versatile elegance, seamlessly blending with various styles and patterns.

Discover our new styles in our Style Guide for 2024.

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Sandberg Wallpaper: Elegance in Every Stripe

At the heart of our collection, our stripes wallpapers stand out with a timeless allure. Their simplicity is deceptive, for it's within their subtlety that their true charm lies. Whether you're drawn to the understated elegance of a fine, delicate stripe or the bold statement of a thicker line, Sandberg ensures there's a stripe for every mood, taste, and interior.

The Colors of Refinement

Stripes, in their variety and adaptability, can transform any room. Yet, it's the colors in which they are rendered that truly make them sing. Our range stretches from the soft whispers of pastels to the rich notes of deeper shades, each crafted with a discerning eye to match the ambiance of the space they grace. Imagine a soft blue stripe, evocative of morning skies, adding serenity to a bedroom. Or perhaps a deep, burgundy stripe, enveloping a dining room in a warm embrace. With Sandberg's varied palette, every room tells a unique story.

Elevated Design with Every Thickness

The thickness of a stripe can significantly influence the room's aura. Broad stripes often convey boldness, confidence, and a modern touch. In contrast, thinner stripes whisper elegance, fostering a sense of tradition and delicacy. Sandberg Wallpaper's collection offers both, allowing homeowners and designers to choose the perfect stripe to mirror their aesthetic aspirations.