Wall Mural VS Wallpaper

When adding a personal feeling to your home, wall murals and wallpaper offer endless, beautiful possibilities. The key lies in understanding their unique strengths and how they align with your interior design vision. Wallpapers have smaller, repeating patterns, while wall murals often feature more considerable, grand designs capturing your attention.

Wall Mural

A wall mural often portrays a singular, impactful design, such as a picturesque landscape, explicitly scaled to your wall dimensions. These murals serve as lovely focal points designed to seize your attention. Nonetheless, murals are not limited to just one wall; they can spread their charm across multiple walls, turning your home into a work of art. Wall murals can entirely change the atmosphere of a room, whether you want to add a calming nature scene or a floral delight to your room.

Wall Murals are delivered in rolls, each panel numbered for effortless installation.

At Sandberg Wallpaper, all our wall murals are produced on demand with your unique measurements.

Pattern Repeats for Wall Murals

Wall murals can be categorized in a variety of pattern repeats, catering to different room sizes and styles.

Fully Repeatable: The pattern in these murals repeats seamlessly both vertically and horizontally. This means that whether you have high ceilings or want to wallpaper a wide wall or multiple walls, the pattern will look good without losing its scale or proportions.

Horizontally Repeatable: The pattern in these murals repeats horizontally. This means that it is perfect for a wide wall or multiple walls, the size of the pattern will adjust to the height of the wall.

Non-Repeatable: These murals are excellent for making a striking focal point in a room. They're usually meant for a single accent wall and don't have a repeating pattern. This could be wallpaper created from a photograph, for example.


Wallpapers have a repetitive pattern, repeating vertically downwards, adding harmony and an embracing atmosphere. With various styles and patterns, you have endless options to add a personal touch to your home.

It’s produced per roll, not needed to be adjusted specifically to your wall dimensions. Use our roll calculator to easily find out how many rolls you'll need for your walls.

Pattern Repeats for Wallpaper

Wallpapers come in various pattern repeats, each determining the technique for application.

Straight Match: In a straight pattern match, each strip of wallpaper should be aligned precisely with the previous one. The same pattern repeats at regular intervals. Each strip needs to match precisely with the previous wallpaper strip.

No Match: No specific pattern needs to be matched. Simply place the strips side by side without considering the pattern.

Drop Match: A drop match is used to create a larger pattern distribution on the wall. Apply the wallpaper as usual, aligning the patterns. Use our roll calculator to easily find out how many rolls you'll need for your space. Our calculator takes the pattern repeat into account.