Craftsmanship with historical references

In our collection, Tidlösa (Timeless), we have revisited some of our favorites from the archive, taken part of old pattern treasures from other parts of the world, and created new stylish classics. Some of them were created in collaboration with the talented Swedish creator and influencer Johanna Bradford.

"Contemplate Swedish wallpaper art where the mind can play and the soul can rest."

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At Sandberg Wallpaper, our skilled craftsmanship is our safe haven. Nothing is left to chance, and we always take the time necessary to achieve perfection. For us, global influences with historical values have always been an inspiration for our expression. Style consciousness and high-quality thinking are embedded in our DNA.

"Rediscovered pattern treasures from the archives."

Our beliefs leave their mark on our patterns, which breathe both traditional and contemporary values. In this way, we create collections with lasting quality, regardless of changing trends. Welcoming and timeless patterns with both familiarity and surprises.

Betty, Ben, and Gillis

13 wallpapers in three different designs were created together with Johanna Bradford. These new stylish classics are based on Johanna's values, creativity, and Sandberg Wallpaper’s skilled craftsmanship.

The wallpapers are named after Johanna's children, Betty, Ben, and Gillis, and reflect her genuine values of what a home is.


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