Red Wallpaper

Fill your walls with bold and elegant details on a deep red base and inspire a confident, noble aesthetic that is sure to turn heads. It pairs perfectly with gold to create a grand, luxurious feel in any room.

Red Wallpaper for Walls

Magnus Burgundy is a sophisticated, striped wallpaper. This classic design conveys a modern expression while retaining a traditional appearance. It creates a perfect background for an accent wall or hallway. Bold lines in a subtle color will surely make your next project a success.

Raphaël Dark Red is a modern classic. As one of our favorite and highest-selling wallpaper designs, Raphaël Dark Red depicts green treetops on a red backdrop. It is inspired by 18th-century French tapestry designs.

Our Katarina Brown wallpaper expresses a perfect cross and reminder of the 19th century and modern interior design trends. Inspired by clean linework and Nordic Classicism, we present Katarina Brown. This wallpaper is perfect for a dining room, as it is a perfect accent for wood moldings and furniture.

Other Colors

Explore our Selection of Red Wallpaper

Shop our red wallpaper selection at Sandberg Wallpaper. Discover a wondrous warm deep red color that suits your personality. Find the wallpaper that makes your house feel like a home.

Wrap Your Room In a Warm Red Tone

The color red is representative of passion. A loving warmth hugs you every time you enter a room covered in red wallpaper. Spruce up your home with a beautiful new feel and look to make you fall in love with your home again. Find the pattern that makes you smile every time you look at it each day. We know you will be more than satisfied.

The pairing of black and red wallpaper also creates a mysterious, yet alluring space. Deep colors add a warming depth and level of comfort to your home. We are sure you will find a magnificent red wallpaper to take your home project to the next level.

Red wallpaper has recently taken a step into the spotlight when it comes to interior design. The blend between past and present is a beautiful one. The color red is majestic and powerful, conjuring emotion and passion into any room.

The simple beauty of the color on your walls is one that will last a lifetime. Red wallpaper is a perfect background. The range of the color is endless. It can be used to be the focal point of the room, or as an emphasizer of another aspect in the room.

Our red wallpaper will provide a warm welcome for any and all guests, inviting and inspiring conversation and comradery. A first impression is a lasting one and walls tend to be the first thing that people see when they enter a home. Make a bold and beautiful impression with a marvelous red wallpaper certain to be a pleasure to look at.

Red Wallpaper for Any Room

Red Wallpaper is extremely versatile. It can have an alluring effect on the viewer in any setting.

In the bedroom, red wallpaper creates a cozy atmosphere. With its deep, saturated color, a natural warmth is given off. It plays well with both natural and artificial light. The color in the morning may be different than that at night.

A bedroom is a perfect place for red wallpaper. A cozy atmosphere is ideal for a great night’s sleep. Spruce up the aesthetic, and watch the way the light from candles plays across the walls.

In the dining room, red wallpaper will make the dinner table the focal point. It can transport you into the feeling of a classy restaurant with the comfort of being in your own home. Red wallpaper is a perfect example of wallpaper for the home and for the family.

The living room and entertainment space of the home is arguably the most important area. It is where family and friends gather, converse, and spend time together. It is the heart of the home.

The red and green colors complement each other. The warmth and light from the fire cast playful shadows onto the red wallpaper. The warmth and the atmosphere is perfect.