International Influences


The elegant meets the rustic in this colorful and very striking wallpaper style. International and historical references are melded with the delicate hand-painted Swedish expressions that characterize our designs.

Dark colors and skilfully painted patterns are this style's focal points that combine the best of Swedish wallpaper traditions with international and historical references. The color scheme is darker and more muffled than the colors in the Colorful style. Rustic and patinated items go very well with this kind of interior design. Carefully selected pieces with personal value or history create a loving, warm atmosphere with an international touch.

There's no denying this style is extra beautiful in buildings with character and history.

"One of the things I love most about Sandberg patterns is that they are still hand-painted. Sandberg also takes the angst out of matching designs because their wallpapers are a little family, and unlike humans, they always get along! "

Sara Silm

Wallpaper Inspiration

Our collection Le Village is the perfect example of how we find inspiration internationally. Le Village is a homage to the French village Montfort and its little stone chateau. Home to the talented interior designer, writer, and photographer Sara Silm. The collection celebrates the unique connection between the Béarn region, the Swedish royal family, and Sandberg Wallpapers' role as a purveyor to the royal court. Botanize among the many lovely patterns in the collection to complete this stunning style.

Style characteristics: expressive, colorful wallpaper designs, rustic furniture, international and/or quirky items from your favorite travels.

Style ambassadors:

Wallpaper matches for your home

Some of our most cherished designs and pattern combinations within this style.