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Large patterned wallpaper is great when you want to transform a room and depth to your walls. Create a grand entrance in your hallway or a cozy bedroom or living room. Choose between dark floral designs, feature walls, and bright neutral shades.

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Whether you choose to add a feature wall or dress all four walls in a new pattern, you can find what you are searching for below. Browse a range of colors from white and light grey to deep blues, green, and multi-colored shades. Find some of our classics such as Kaspar, Collette, and Leonard that stay popular year after year.

Where Elegance Meets Artistry

In the realm of interior design, the walls of your sanctuary speak volumes. They are the canvas of your home, echoing your aesthetic choices, personal tastes, and the ambiance you wish to evoke. Sandberg Wallpaper’s premium wallpapers are the epitome of timeless sophistication, crafted to transform your spaces into elegant masterpieces.

Elevate Your Space with Large Pattern Wallpapers

The trend of large pattern wallpapers is not merely a design choice; it's an experience. From the soft, intricate curvilinear lines that ebb and flow like poetry to the bold, majestic depictions of nature—think blooming flowers in full splendor, the ethereal allure of floating clouds, or the serene silhouettes of towering trees—every design tells a story. Imagine a space where cascading florals cascade down the walls, or where a forest, with its tall, whispering trees, beckons you inwards. With Sandberg Wallpaper's large pattern collection, you can immerse yourself in these rich narratives every day.

Larger pattern wallpapers from Sandberg Wallpaper

Your walls are more than just partitions—they're the backdrop to your life's most cherished moments. Sandberg Wallpaper recognizes this profound connection and offers a palette of designs that are both elegant and evocative. Choose our wallpapers and let your walls sing a song of timeless beauty and refined artistry. Some call it wallpapers, we call it wallpaper art.