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Kestävä kehitys Käsityötaitoa sopusoinnussa luonnon kanssa

Aivan kuten kotimme ovat ensiarvoisen tärkeitä hyvinvointimme kannalta, niin on luontokin ihmisen olemassaolon näkökulmasta. Sandbergin tapettitaide perustuukin aitoon käsityötaitoon, joka on harmoniassa niin luonnon kuin ihmiskunnankin kanssa.

Our wallpaper is built to last

When we design and develop our products, we do it with a long-term perspective. Partly because we want to conserve the Earth’s resources, but also because we want to contribute to the creation of walls and rooms that provide harmony and satisfaction for years to come.

Our love for pure craftsmanship and nature is always present in our wallpapers.

We work closely with our suppliers where we have full control over the entire manufacturing process and can thus guarantee that no harmful ingredients are used in the production. All our wallpapers are FSC certified and fire rated by the EU official standard EN 13501 and have a minimum classification of B-s1,d0. By using only environmentally friendly methods and materials, including a water-based ink system, we create products free from plasticizers and fluorocarbons, PVC and other chlorinated plastics. And of course, we recycle all waste materials.

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