House Tour Sandra Willund

We decided to visit the home of our admired colleague, Sandra Willund. Sandra is the Creative Director for Sandberg Wallpaper, and she has always had a love for interior design. Sandra always loves a challenge, and when design clashes a bit. That little extra something that captures your eye and speaks to your heart.

"My work is truly amazing; I get to help people Add Beauty to their homes with Swedish Wallpaper Art globally every day."

Sandra Willund, Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper

Sandra thrives when she has a project at hand. This year, her projects range from climbing Kebnekaise to everyday puzzles with two active children and managing the design process for a premium wallpaper brand.

Let's get to know Sandra and how she achieves her interior design style.

How would you describe your interior style?

It's not clear if I have any particular style. But I'm fearless about patterns and colors and love a bit of friction. I've always been interested in trends; I get inspired even if I don't follow them strictly. I shop a lot second-hand, and I like to repaint furniture.

"My home is constantly evolving and always has been. I'm not afraid to try new things and often go with my gut feeling."

Sandra Willund, Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper

Tell us about your home and how you've decorated it?

I often go on gut feeling and like it when things clash a little. I enjoy mismatching colors and patterns. I tried living in a white-painted house once, but I didn't thrive. When you work like I do, choosing wallpaper is difficult. Once I've decided on a pattern, our designers start drawing something new that I fall for.

In my current home, I've chosen some classics from Sandberg Wallpaper, including Raphael and Wilma. These patterns are timeless designs, lasting for generations. I've also selected some new classics from our collaboration with Johanna Bradford, Ben, and Betty.

"I chose Raphael, Green for my bedroom. It's a classic pattern I'll never get tired of. I love matching it with a smaller squared pattern with similar color intensity to create a harmonious flow between rooms."

Sandra Willund, Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper

What is important to you when choosing wallpaper?

That it feels right in my gut!

Which are your top 10 favorite wallpapers?

This is a challenge. Because I have many favorites!

In addition to the wallpapers I have at home, Wilma, Raphael, Betty, and Ben, I'm also fond of Linn, Maskrosen, Gustav, Emilia Ilke, Kristoffer, Huset i Solen, and our latest addition Bamboo Grove. We are also launching some new favorites this fall. Stay tuned.

Sandra's wallpaper favorites:

What are your key takeaways for mixing & Matching wallpapers?

  1. Pick the patterns that speak to your heart.

  2. Mix the more expressive patterns with smaller, more tranquil ones.

  3. Pick wallpapers with the same color intensity to avoid harsh on-and-off effects and to create a balanced, harmonious home.

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"Most life is comprised of weekdays, so I brighten them up. It's often the little things that make everyday life more beautiful."

Sandra Willund, Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper

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