Pattern Stories


At Sandberg Wallpaper, we love to pay homage to our historical and cultural heritage. We often find ourselves standing in the old archive with designs from the past, seeking inspiration in the present to create new and timeless expressions that will last for generations.

A treasure from our wallpaper archive

Some of you might recognize Marianne's detailed branchwork with feathery leaves and stylized birds. The design has been a loved classic and is now worthy of two new contemporary colorways.

It was in the archives where the story about Marianne began.

Marianne is our interpretation of hand-painted wallpapers from castle-like environments in the 18th century. The Rococo and Gustavian styles characterized Swedish wallpaper art during these times. When the Swedish East India Company was founded in 1731, patterns and products from the Orient also became available in Sweden.

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At that time, wallpapers were printed in one color and afterward colored by hand. Even though centuries have passed in between, at Sandberg Wallpaper we still hand-paint our originals in exactly the same way. That's what we call Swedish Wallpaper Art.

At Sandberg Wallpaper, no detail is too small. Besides the detailed branchwork and the cheerful birds, we have given Marianne a base where you can sense a discreet arch pattern from our other pattern Beata. That makes the plain surface more lively and decorative.

“Our passion lies in our love of details – details that are made possible due to each piece initially being drawn entirely by hand”

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