Pattern Stories Lykke

We embrace and cherish a specific pattern that makes our hearts beat a little extra with Pattern Stories. This time we want to tell the story behind the wallpaper that stole the heart of Stylist Caroline Borg.

Lykke, a new version of one of our most beloved checked patterns inspired by western Sweden's scenic landscapes and textile heritage. The turn of the century meets the contemporary in a square with a soft textile feeling and a finely tuned color range, creating a timeless, warm, and inviting atmosphere.

Caroline Borg is a photographer, stylist, and content creator. Caroline brings beautiful and touching stories to life using her camera and pencil. The new version of our checked pattern instantly caught Caroline's eye. It felt just right to name it after her daughter Lykke, a name meaning "happiness."

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"When I saw the green and yellow square, I instantly thought of a Danish summerhouse. The woodwork in the same shades as the wallpaper, delicate lace curtains, and a quilted blanket on the bed. It's the summer holidays, and the children are bursting with joy. Naked bare little feet jump in bed. It felt so natural to name the wallpaper after my daughter Lykke, a danish name meaning happiness."

"The colorways are just right, a perfect shade of yellow, muted sage green, a rusty red, and a lovely dove blue. None of the colors are too much, and I believe even the most "beige-loving" will dare one of these squares, myself included."

Caroline Borg tells us how she would love to decorate a kitchen with Lykke. The wallpaper is bright and airy, a feeling she always longs for. Her inspiration comes from the south European lifestyle. Match with rustic wooden details, french ceramics, and a tablecloth in the same pattern as the wallpaper. Complete the picture with a large plate of fruit and vegetables.

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