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Huset i solen – The story behind the wallpaper

Sandberg Wallpaper has received the honor to study the Larssons’ home up close with great respect and humbleness. Our collection Huset i solen is a declaration of love for Carl and Karin’s family, their unique home, and their admirable lifestyle. A lifestyle that continues to inspire us today. Each pattern tells a story about the family’s home and lifestyle. The color scheme brings to life a vision of a life-affirming, loving, Swedish home. We call it Swedish wallpaper art.

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In 1899 Carl published the album “Ett hem”, which is also called “A Swedish house”. With aquarelles from the family’s life at Lilla Hyttnäs, the album was an astonishing success and is said to be the very first reportage from a Swedish home.

“With this pattern, I want to cherish this unique place that Lilla Hyttnäs is, this impressive home that was created by Carl and Karin together.” – Karolina Kroon, Designer, Sandberg Wallpaper.

"This pattern consists mainly of cowslips. I chose the cowslip because it is a protected flower in Sweden and symbolically I see Lilla Hyttnäs as a very unique place on earth." – Karolina Kroon, Designer, Sandberg Wallpaper.

“There’s a reason that we at Sandberg Wallpaper paint all our originals by hand, that a straight line isn’t completely straight, that it has a little vibration to it, it makes the pattern more vivid and that is what we call Swedish wallpaper art.” – Karolina Kroon, Designer, Sandberg Wallpaper.

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