Harmonic Interior Design with Patterned Wallpaper

Julia has recently wallpapered her daughter Elle’s bedroom in their house at Gotland with our Signe – Green wallpaper. It was the combination of snowdrops and crocus flowers that solidified her choice. Now for a limited time, you can find several wallpaper rolls for a reduced price on our Last Chance!

How would you describe your interior design style at Gotland?

What differentiates the decor from our main home is probably the number of things. I wish to have a secondary residence that is easy to clean and has fewer things around. I am in a similar mindset when choosing wallpaper for both homes and I absolutely love Sandberg.

We have had Sandberg wallpapers for many years at home and as someone who likes to do interior design for the long term. I never get tired of the unbelievably beautiful colors and patterns. The quality is extremely good. In general, our houses’ decor is very similar, with predominantly second-hand furniture and decor. Natural colors and solid materials.

The Interview with Julia

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Julia and I live with my husband and our four children south of Stockholm. A few years ago we also bought a house at Gotland. To create and be creative, working in the garden and designing are some of my passions in life. My job as an Influencer gives me the opportunity to really do what I love as my job.

Describe where you live?

On a smaller farm from the 1700s. Falu red buildings with lush gardens filled to the brim with perennials and roses.

Tell us why you fell for the Signe wallpaper?

I love flowers and spring onions are some of my absolute favorite things. The combination of snowdrops and crocus flowers was simply irresistible and I want the room to always feel bright and spring-like!

What are your best interior design tips for a summer house or cottage?

My best tip is to look for things at yard sales and design with the heart. That way, you create a personal, pleasant and caring home for our environment. Personally, we have chosen to have similar wallpapers in our house at Gotland as well as our permanent home.

Did you install the wallpaper, or did you hire a professional?

We did it ourselves. My husband Carlos put up the wallpaper and I was in good company and enjoyed seeing how beautiful the room turned out. I always believe that when it comes to renovation and home improvements that it is important to be prepared with all materials. This way I think it turns out the best!