4 Smart Ways to Mix and Match Wallpapers in Your Home

Top right: Tove Sage Green, Bottom right: Elin Sage Green

Nowadays, more and more people wish to wallpaper the whole room rather than just an accent wall. When all walls are papered, the room appears harmonious, more open and sometimes even bigger than before. This effect is extended to the rest of your home when you paper adjacent rooms.

Below are 4 smart ways on how you can mix and match wallpaper for the interior style that you prefer.

Combine wallpapers that are tone on tone

Top left: Emrik Misty Blue, Bottom left: Ragnvi Indigo Blue

If you have a favorite color then tone on tone is a great way to mix and match wallpaper. This would create a red thread in your home that could be extended all throughout the house with wallpaper, paint and the rest of your interior furniture.

Tone on tone gives a peaceful impression without compromising on patterns and motives. Wallpapers Emrik, Misty Blue and Ragnvi, Indigo Blue both share the same blue and beige tones. When placed in the same home these wallpapers form a link and create a harmonious flow between rooms.

Top right: Zen Grey, Bottom right: Kenrokuen Beige

Choose colors that complement each other

Top right: Magnus Clay, Bottom Right: Faded Passion Misty Blue

Mixing different colors is always a great idea, the golden rule is to choose colors that complement each other. Instead of going tone on tone you can select colors such as blue and gray, green and beige or black and white that have a similar expression in color.

For example, Faded Passion Misty Blue dresses the dining room and Magnus Clay has been chosen for the living room area. These two wallpapers are different in color and pattern type but work well together as they are working in synergy and not competing for your attention.

Colors that match are also about the intensity of the color. For example, hot pink and light gray gives a very different impression than a soft pink and soft gray. Mixing colors of a shared intensity creates a cohesivness that dresses your home in confidence and elegance.

Mix and match large and small patterns

Top right: Lyckan Copper, Bottom right: Karins Bukett Powder Pink

If you have selected a large pattern you can try and combine it with a smaller pattern next door. Large floral designs work really well with smaller miniature patterns. The wallpaper Karins Bukett looks great next door to the small patterned Lyckan. Instead of pairing your large patterned wallpaper with white walls you can place a small pattern next door. This would make your home feel more cohesive as there is a flow of similar movements on your walls, instead of an “on and off” effect that sometimes appears with plain white walls.

Stay true to your style

Another great way to create a red thread in your home is to stay true to your preferred style. Classic and timeless wallpaper has the same expression and calm atmosphere. This type of wallpaper is full of elegance and character that stretches beyond time and trends.

Top right: Lillie Sandstone, Bottom right: Charlotta Forest Green

Wallpaper Charlotta Forest Green is above matched with Lilie Sandstone. These wallpapers have different color shades and different pattern types but are a match made in heaven due to their shared timeless expression.

Top right: Rio Teal, Bottom right: Estelle Teal

Modern wallpaper, is a great choice for you whose heart beat for a contemporary interior design style. If you prefer modern wallpaper then Rio and Estelle can either be combined in the same room for a playful effect or as above, on two different floors. This hallway is dressed in the thinly tripped Estelle wallpaper that maximizes light and elegance in the entrance hall. Rio Teal is a perfect match that decorates the top landing above in a harmonious flow.

Top right: Jon Burgundy, Bottom right: Sara Indigo Blue