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Sofia Wood Skye – A Tone of Aqua

At Sandberg we enjoy working with creative souls that represent an exciting style and this is exactly what Sofia Wood does. Sofia Wood is a Swedish influencer with a background in the fashion, art and design industry. She also has family roots in Australia, which resonate in the wallpaper she has been co-designing.

After a creative day together with Sofia in our design studio, we emerged with the wallpaper Sofia Wood.

What are your thoughts when you are choosing patterns and colors?

I wanted to make a wallpaper to live with for a long time, a wallpaper that becomes an obvious and loved part of a home.

The colour of the wallpaper is the most beautiful I know, a tone of aqua that changes between green and blue depending on how the light falls. It is the same colour I have in my living room and the same colour as Skye, our beach house in Australia is painted in.

There is also another link to Australia, the hand-painted Lilly Pilly berries, native berries that grow wild in Australia and they remind me about the life there.

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