Pattern Stories


With Pattern Stories, we want to embrace a specific wallpaper design and tell the story behind the pattern. We want to show the craftsmanship that leads to the finished wallpaper. We call it Swedish Wallpaper Art.

The Wallpaper Pine

This time, we want to tell the story of Pine, one of our most beloved wallpapers, which certainly has a special place in our hearts. After years of being cherished by many, Pine is available in several lovely color schemes. There's definitely a Pine wallpaper for all homes.

The Story Behind the Pattern

Our talented Designer, Karolina Kroon, tells us the story behind her inspirational journey:

"The idea for the Pine pattern took shape after I was told about one of Japan's most beautiful gardens, Kenrokuen. Beautiful exotic trees coexist in this meticulously maintained park, including various types of pines."

"I was amazed and humbled by the gardeners' respect for the place. They slowly sweep the gravel, almost meditatively, and carefully remove the fallen pine needles, one by one, from the grass."

"Pines are common in the Nordic region and perhaps taken for granted. I studied the shape of the pine and discovered both character and elegance, making it perfect for a pattern that grows and extends in winding directions. "

"The feather-like plumes of needles fascinate and tell of nature's ingeniously beautiful expression."