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With Pattern Stories we want to embrace a specific wallpaper design and give the story behind the pattern. We want to show the craftsmanship that leads to the finished wallpaper. We call it Swedish Wallpaper Art.

The wallpaper collection Huset i solen - A Swedish home is a tribute to Carl and Karin Larsson. Sandberg Wallpaper has received the great honor to study the Larssons’ home up close and the result is a declaration of love for the family, their unique home, and admirable lifestyle. A lifestyle that continues to inspire us today.

Each pattern in the collection tells a story about the family’s home and lifestyle. The color scheme brings to life a vision of a life-affirming, loving, Swedish home. We call it Swedish Wallpaper Art.

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Maskrosen - The story behind the wallpaper

For the pattern Maskrosen we got our inspiration from Carl's studio where there at the very top of the wall is decorated with stylized hand-painted dandelions. Dandelions in Swedish are called Maskros. The flower returns as a sign and a guide for those visiting Lilla Hyttnäs. This flower is overlooked by many but was uplifted by Carl as a symbol for the family’s fighting spirit and stubbornness.

It’s been lovely to have had the opportunity to work with one of Sweden’s most beloved and great artistic couples, Carl and Karin Larsson. We made this interpretation and created our own version of their heritage. This is truly Swedish wallpaper art. – Sara Bergqvist, Head of Design, Sandberg Wallpaper.

The dandelion can be seen in several places at Lilla Hyttnäs, as a small recurring detail. I think it’s so nice that they chose a flower that is forgotten by many, or that you might even pull from the garden. I’ve always thought it’s a reflection for the family, that demonstrates the struggle you go through as an artist, having to fight your way up through the asphalt.

I think there’s a strength in choosing a flower that is generally considered a weed and then turning it into something beautiful. – Sara Bergqvist, Designer, Sandberg Wallpaper.

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