From White Walls to Patterned Wallpaper at @vitanyanser

Jennie Lants, also known as @vitanyanser on Instagram has recently transformed her home with wallpaper. Her once plain white home has now been changed into a home with walls wrapped in patterned wallpaper. Jennie decided to rediscover wallpaper as it adds a sense of coziness that completed the room.

The Interview with Jennie Lants

How would you describe your home and style?

We have chosen to decorate our home in bright, calm colors. Most of it goes in white and grey scales. Our furniture is bought at auctions or found at flea markets, so vintage.

Tell us more about your wallpapering journey!

I have always loved wallpaper of different kinds. Both plain and wallpapers with patterns. Years back all of our walls were adorned with wallpaper, but then we made a change and chose painted walls instead. Over the years I have started to miss the feeling that wallpaper brings to you and your home.

“And as soon as you start wallpapering, well, then you can not get enough!”

Share your best advice when wallpapering?

My best advice is to order wallpaper samples of your favorites. Pick a few different patterns, and put them up on the wall or in that room that you want wallpapered. Take a step back, and view the design. The same pattern can look different in another room depending on the light that comes in.

Which room has been your favorite to wallpaper?

I really love all of the wallpapers that we have chosen for our home. They all have their own personality and lift up the room in different ways, so it’s hard just to say one. But if I have to I would say our living room. There we chose the wallpaper Viola. A wonderful wallpaper with a fantastic beautiful pattern. It breathes wallpaper art.

Thank you Jennie, we at Sandberg Wallpaper are truly happy to be part of your journey!