Dress your home

Decorate with wallpaper

In this part of Dress your home, we present how you can mix and match our wallpapers. Introducing the soft color schemes and timeless designs of Villa Dalarö ll and showing how wallpapers can be used as a base and dress an entire home.

Discover Villa Dalarö II

On the wall: Sigfrid, Classic blue.

We continue to cherish our legacy of creating beautiful timeless wallpapers in our collection Villa Dalarö ll. Consistent and everlasting, abundant with patterns telling us stories about a warm and loving home filled with friends and family.

The possibilities to mix and match are forever endless.

Our color schemes are carefully selected to harmonize. Soft shades of light green, blue and beige are combined with deeper hues of terracotta and classic blue or green.

On the wall: Ava, Sandstone. Bottom right: Olof, Terracotta.

Choosing a harmonious base.

One way to start your wallpaper selection is to decide what base color you want. Beige and grey are neutral colors that provide a lovely background, letting you complement with accent colors in other wallpapers or accessories. Our popular rhombus wallpaper Gabriel in Grey, makes a charming companion to the botanical pattern Idun in Misty Blue. Sea buckthorns and berries are scattered over the wall, and the leaves form small plumes giving the room an exotic yet Nordic character.

On the wall: Wilma, Grey. Top left: Idun, Misty blue. Bottom left: Gabriel, Grey.

Every room has its own purpose and function; we usually prefer an interior design that aligns with our use and the setting we want to create. Villa Dalarö ll combines floral patterns, checks, and clean lines that all go well together, fulfilling every need of a beautiful everyday home. Our block-striped design Sam in Sage green, harmoniously complements our botanical pattern, Vinnie. Botanical patterns connect us to nature and create a restful atmosphere pleasant in every room.

On the wall: Vinnie, Sage green. Bottom right: Sam, Sage green.

For the love of art and sustainability.

Good design is always sustainable. Our love for arts and crafts is present in every brushstroke we make to create sustainable wallpaper art. The time for short-term trends and low-quality products with a short life span is over. Browse through our classic wallpapers for some lovely and timeless inspiration you won't get tired of.

On the wall: Wilma, Eggshell.