House Tour


We have been honored to visit the beautifully restored 18th-century house Cederhuset in Dalarna, carefully restored to its past glory over the last 5,5 years by Emma and her husband, Oscar.

Cederhuset is located in a small picturesque village in Dalarna along the river Dalaälven. Emma and Oscar have been tracing the house's history in old church books, and it was most likely built in 1789. The house has been meticulously restored with careful hands. It is now a lovely example of how one can work with building preservation and creating a beautiful, warm, harmonious home. Knowing that Emma and Oscar have done it all themselves and without prior knowledge is truly inspirational.

The Careful Renovation

The renovation took about 5.5 years to complete, and they could move in. The house was in a terrible state; everything had to be renovated, and the clay-lined walls were even hanging from the beams. It's hard to understand today that it's the same house.

"We wanted to preserve the old and bring back the house's old soul and spirit."

Emma Lestander

For Emma and Oscar, it was paramount not to destroy anything from the past but to keep the old, inviting, and traditional. They thought a lot about how to best preserve the Cederhusets's charm and learned a lot about building conservation, trying to recreate the choices made by those who built the house long ago. They have captured and attempted to recreate the colors that they found in the house.

Choosing the Perfect Wallpapers

Emma has chosen as many as 7 different wallpapers from Sandberg to create a harmonious and embracing home. Vinnie is Emma's absolute favorite. Oscar didn't care for it much at first sight, but when he saw it on the walls, he was convinced, and now it's his favorite, too.

"Vinnie, the wallpaper in my living room is my favorite. I think it's adorable."

Emma Lestander

Creating a Harmonious Flow

The house has four rooms in line downstairs, where it was essential to mix and match carefully to create a harmonious flow. Emma and Oscar went through Sandbergs all collections and found four favorites, each from a different collection: Lyckan, Lillie, Vinnie, and Alva. These designs all have that warm tone and timeless expression that Emma loves. Lyckan felt extra special to Emma since its inspiration came from the famous artist Carl Larsson's home in Dalarna. They chose Idun, Bianca, and Anton for the rooms upstairs for an embracing atmosphere.

"I love warm, timeless color schemes that last for generations. I am fond of wallpapers with yellow, green, and red hues. I particularly enjoy those with green accents. The combination of these colors is lovely."

Emma Lestander

Wallpapers Dressing Cederhuset