The Villa Dalarö II Collection

Swedish Wallpaper Art for the entire home

Delicate patterns in harmonious, gentle color scale mixed with deeper colors, clean lines, and soft checks. The atmosphere in Villa Dalarö is consistent and timeless, filled with elements of sentimental values ​​and history. Welcome in and botanize in Swedish Wallpaper Art for your entire home.

Add beauty to your everyday life with timeless wallpapers

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Tell a story with your wallpaper

The story about our beloved wallpaper collection Villa Dalarö continues. In Villa Dalarö II you will meet old favorites and new wallpaper designs that will tell you stories about a warm and loving home filled with friends and family all year round.

A warm welcome. When the sun greets you through the window in the hallway, those mornings are something a little bit extra. Shoes of different sizes are scattered over the floor, and you hear happy shouts from adjoining rooms, it’s a place where life happens. The hallway walls dressed in full bloom kindly whisper: Welcome, step into our home.

A home that comes to life through the patterns and colors telling a story without speaking. The different rooms talk in various tones, creating an inspiring atmosphere.