Mix & Match

By Colors

In this part of Dress Your Home, we present how to mix and match wallpapers by color, creating a beautifully harmonious home. We introduce soft colors and perfect wallpaper matches with some of our most cherished designs and their friends from our collection Essentials.


The collection Essentials consist of perfectly worked surfaces designed to complement and enhance our assortment. Each wallpaper has been carefully crafted with attention to detail, shape, and color. What's extra special about these designs is that they are detailed and vivid up close but experienced as tranquil and almost plain-colored at a distance, making neighboring rooms feel related and in tune.

"The extra time we've spent adjusting the smallest detail to perfection creates that little something out of the ordinary through the perfect balance of shape and color."

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Match wallpapers by color

Combine wallpapers that are tone-on-tone
If you have a favorite color, tone-on-tone is a great way to mix and match your wallpaper. This creates a common thread in your home that also can include the rest of your interior design. Tone-on-tone gives a peaceful impression without compromising on patterns and motives.

"The wallpapers Raphael, Light Blue and Valv, Misty Blue share the same blue and beige tones. These wallpapers form a link and create a lovely flow between related rooms when placed in the same home."

"The wallpaper Linda looks gorgeous next door to the smaller patterned Ruta."

Or, choose complementing colors
Another way to go is mixing different yet cohesive colors. The golden rule is to choose colors that complement each other, such as blue and gray, green and beige, or black and white, which all have similar color expressions. Also, consider the color's intensity and mix colors of the same strength to create a balanced and peaceful home. For example, hot pink and light gray give a different impression than soft pink and soft gray. Mixing colors of a shared intensity creates a cohesiveness that dresses your home in confidence and elegance.

Mix large and small patterns
Combine large expressive wallpapers with smaller patterns in the next room. Instead of matching your wallpaper with white, sometimes harsh, walls, try a smaller design, giving a gentler flow between the rooms.

For example, large floral designs work really well with smaller miniature patterns.

"Ava, Pistachio dresses the hallway, and Trellis, Forest Green has been chosen for the kitchen. These two wallpapers are different in pattern type but work well together without competing for your attention."